Reiki Academy: The Mastership Process

Anyone who understands the true meaning of mastership knows that it is not something that happens in a day or a weekend or a week. Mastership is a process ... and so it is with Reiki Mastership.

The journey of your personal evolution starts long before you contemplate becoming a Reiki Master and culminates in being given the Masters Attunement that makes you a Reiki Master. However, it is not the Masters Attunement (which takes only 10-20 minutes) that makes you a master. It is the process that you undertake through which you conquer your fears, strengthen your confidence and enhance your abilities. The Masters Attunement signifies that you have arrived at the end of this particular journey; which is the reason it is done at the end of your training. But then, Taoist philosophy reminds us that there are no endings, only new beginnings... an apt maxim for life as a Reiki Master.

Since Reiki is light energy, Reiki Masters are literally Masters of Light. We are required to shine the light of understanding, truth and love on the darkness of ignorance, falsehoods and fear.

Being a Reiki Master is not just another job. It is a commitment to service and healing. Service to yourself. Healing yourself. This is a full-time job. There is no room for being a missionary nor making easy money.

The energy of spiritual growth is present and inescapable. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. How we heal with Reiki only makes sense in this context. Healing pertains to the spirit. Heal the spirit and you heal the mind - heal the mind and you heal the body. Heal the cause and you heal the whole (person).

Therefore, Reiki Mastership is not a process to be entered into lightly, however, like any serious endeavour, the benefits will remain with you and grow stronger throughout your life and souls journey.

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Originally published , updated October 17, 2018