Reiki Angels: Distant Healing

If you, family or friends would like to be added to my list and receive Distant Healing in the comfort of your own home.

A healing hour is offered once a week where all those who wish to use this service will then be placed on my weekly distant healing list.

This is achieved by sending Reiki energy known to some as the "The Intelligent Energy" which helps aid relaxation and the healing process, so time or space does not matter the energies are received as though I am in the room with you.

I have had some very good results with clients, friends and family that have used this service to compliment their ongoing medical treatments.

Please enter your information below to be placed on the list for Healing Hour

This is a FREE service and without any obligation. I am not a doctor nor do I ever diagnose.

Please understand complimentary therapies are in no way to be used or even thought of as a substitute for medical treatments or medication by your physician. If you are already taking any prescribed medication you must continue to do so until your GP advises you differently.

The Reiki energies work along side and compliment any medication you have been advised to take.

Originally published , updated October 17, 2018