Reiki Angels: Dolphin

Is a beautiful healing energy that connects you to the energy of Dolphin Reiki.

Once you are attuned to Dolphin Reiki, you will be able to heal yourself and others using this system. You will also be able to pass this attunement on to others.

ou will learn Dolphin Breathing technique to centre yourself and help you connect with the dolphins. You will also learn a meditation to connect with the Dolphins.

Dolphin Reiki is works well for depression, children (especially autistic children), animals, as well as having many other benefits.

Dolphins are said to be master healers and keepers of the light on Earth. They are highly evolved beings. Their love for humanity is profound and often documented. It is not necessary to be in their physical presence to be healed by them.

This attunement can be done in person or distant.

Now, more than ever before, humanity as a whole is ready and willing to receive the profound gifts the dolphins have to share. When doing this attunement as a group I have had some excellent results.

Originally published , updated October 17, 2018