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What you need to know about Reiki level 2

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The beautiful experience of reiki healing after your first level attunement opens you to the unlimited life energy available in the cosmos, only that you are only able to do this on yourself alone. The need to bless others too will motivate you to advance to the next level of reiki which is the level 2.

Reiki level 2 opens you to greater depths of ki in your spiritual experience and you being able to heal others with reiki. With the second level attunement you are able to broaden your ki channels and your heart chakra which enables you experience the universe's emotion of love and compassion.

  • The Power Symbol Cho-Ku-Rei (pronounced Choh-Koo-Ray)
  • The Mental Symbol Sei-He-Ki (pronounced Say-Hay-Key)
  • The Distance Symbol Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen (pronounced Hon-Shaw-Zay-Show-Nen)

When you are taught these symbols, you will be able to focus the ki for more specific purposes, also the symbols avails you to be able to clear the ki channels during times of blockage. Upon learning the reiki level 2 symbols you can intentionally open deeper levels in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Benefits you stand to gain in this level

Asides getting to learn the powerful reiki level 2 symbols, you are also taught how to conduct a distant healing by using the Arch Angels to assist in healings.

  • You will also be able to heal your Chakras.
  • You will learn how to emotionally heal your chakras and how to easily identify and shift emotional blocks and patterns for yourself and others. .
  • You will also understand emotional energy and how to work with it so you can facilitate deeper healings and get deeper results.
  • You will get to Identify ki patterns & blockage so you can heal and release the things that are no longer serving you.
  • You will also learn to clear your chakras so you are can be clear, experience a high vibe, and manifest your desires.

Reiki level 2 also benefits you in your relationships

  • You will learn how to conduct a relationship healing so you can facilitate them for yourself or others.
  • You will learn to clear & cut cords so you can let go energetically when a relationship isn't serving you.
  • You will be able to identify & clear relationship blocks so you let go of patterns that are no longer serving you.

Other benefits reiki gives you includes ;

  • Ten times increased healing power
  • Healing treatment for multiple people at once through you.
  • Distant healing for people (even in different time zones)
  • Past, present and future healing
  • Creativity development
  • Faster activation of reiki

Who must you be to do this level?

You must have gone through the reiki level 1 attunement before this level. It is generally advised that there is a break of 21 days to 3 months between level 1 attunement and level 2.

On the path of becoming a Reiki master

Passing on the reiki healing is a very important part of reiki, because several chose to become reiki masters, that's why the art is preserved till date. You too can become a reiki master as long as you have gone through the first and second level of attunement and you have at least a year long practice of reiki.

Being a Reiki Master allows you to teach others and attune them also to the different reiki level. As a reiki master, you will be able to direct ki at a much greater level, so it is a very empowering level. Also you will be taught the reiki master symbols which are more powerful than the level 2 attunement symbols.

So don't stop at just enjoying this powerful divine practice, if truly you have been blessed by it, take up the responsibility to pass it on to other for them to experience the same too.

Keep doing reiki, keep loving reiki, keep blessing with reiki.

Bless you

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Originally published , updated October 15, 2018