Reiki Book

At last a book that people have been asking for!

Author, Mark Anderson says...

In these difficult times, many people are looking for something with which to enrich their lives.

Whether this enrichment takes the form of relief from pain and stress (physical, emotional or mental), the ability to make better quality choices or nourishment of the spiritual aspect of their being, millions of people throughout the world use Reiki for this purpose.

REIKI is not learnt in the sense of becoming proficient with a technique, but rather learning to work with energy to achieve inner harmony, which leads, in turn, to health and wellbeing.

It does not depend on one's intellectual capacity as it is passed from Master to student through the transfer of energy and thus is available to everyone regardless of age, education or culture.

If you are committed to your own healing, give yourself the gift of REIKI for it truly is...

"The Energy of Life, in the Spirit of Love!"

About the Author: Mark Anderson

Author/Reiki Master/Teacher Mark has been a successful business woman for many years and became interested in alternative therapies in the early 70's when conventional medical treatment failed to alleviate her own health problems.

Since that time she has studied various health systems and was so impressed by the fact that REIKI, in addition to being a "self help" system, is easy to learn and simple to use, that she decided to become a REIKI Master in order to pass its benefits on to others.

Exciting News for Reiki Therapists

The Academy of Reiki is constantly evaluating the needs of Reiki therapists in an effort to provide them with as much advice and knowledge as they need, to be as affective as they would like to be in their use of Reiki. To this end the Academy has developed The Reiki Therapist's Manual

Reiki Therapist's Manual

  • This comprehensive 140 page manual is available to anyone practicing Reiki,
  • either on themselves or on others and covers such topics as…
  • Personal Growth for the Therapist
  • Personal Growth for the Client
  • Traditional, Sekhem and Karuna Reiki explained
  • Extra tools to be used with Reiki
  • Treating specific disorders A to Z (for all levels of Reiki)
  • Additonal Reiki treatment positions

For any inquires about the courses please contact [email protected] - Blessings

Originally published , updated October 17, 2018