Reiki Career

REIKI - A Fulfilling Career Choice - The Energy of Life in the Spirit of Love

The Academy of Reiki provides training in all aspects of Reiki. You may learn REIKI for your own personal development and wellbeing or you may choose to make it a new fulfilling and rewarding career.

Reiki is a precise method of channeling energy to harmonise the body on all levels; body, mind and spirit.

It is very rewarding teaching students how to bring about movement and lasting changes in their lives in an empowering way through the use of Reiki.

It is a career with low entry costs, low overheads (office, teaching materials etc.) and low operational costs.

Once one has been trained as a teacher of Reiki they can teach anywhere in the world.

Reiki is used in a variety of work environments including private practice, mobile visiting practice, natural health clinics, beauty therapy clinics, health clubs, hospitals, hospices and nursing homes.

Reiki offers a new and rewarding career for people who have come to a crossroad in their working lives and may be considering a new path to follow.

REIKI Therapist

The Academy of Reiki conducts courses in all aspects of Traditional Usui/Tibetan REIKI, Sekhem Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Reiki for Palliative Care. All courses are of the highest standard and integrity. On completion of each unit of your training, you will be issued with Statement of Attainment from the Academy

REIKI Master & Teacher

If you wish to extend your interest and career prospects in the field of REIKI, The Academy of Reiki offers a 'One Week Intensive Training Program' as well as a 'Distant Learning Program'.

TRAINER of Reiki Masters & Teachers

This worksghop is designed for those who wish to train Reiki Masters and Teachers

Professional Reiki Master Business System

Your Reiki practice needs to operate as a Professional Business with all the appropriate forms and paperwork. This Reiki Master Business System been created for your convenience and meets RTO standards.

Goals of the Reiki Academy

The goal of the Academy of Reiki is to provide Reiki Training programmes that:

  • Bridge the gap between fields of orthodox medicine, complimentary modalities and Reiki
  • Educate you to a high level of knowledge and expertise in all essential areas of Reiki.
  • You train as a professional, competent, caring and empathetic Reiki therapist.
  • Provide you with techniques for the effective and safe practical application of Reiki

For any inquires about the courses please contact [email protected] - Blessings

Originally published , updated October 17, 2018