Reiki Academy FAQ

Q. Why does the Academy of Reiki deliver its courses through a Registered Training Organisation?

A. Registered Training Organisations must maintain set government standards, and records of all courses completed to the standard for which they are accredited. It is therefore only through a Registered Training Organisation that the Diploma of Teaching (Reiki) or Statements of Attainment issued, will be officially recognised

Q. What Government recognition does the Academy of Reiki have?

A. The Academy has a Diploma of Teaching (Reiki)

Q. Do the Academy of Reiki courses qualify as Nationally Recognised Training?

A. Yes, all levels of Reiki from Level I through to Masters Teacher training.

Q. Why do therapists need Nationally Recognised Training?

A. Because the government is in the process making it mandatory for all Natural Therapies to meet a regulated standard set by them.

Q. What are the benefits of Nationally Recognised Training?

A. Its credibility with medical benefit funds, insurance companies and the general public due to its guarantee standard.

Q. I have been doing Reiki for years, doesn't that count?

A. Yes it does count, it is not just about the energy or about the validity of what you do though, it is about government regulation.

Q. If I have already completed a Reiki course, can it be recognised as part of the new regulations?

A. To upgrade your existing qualifications, they need to be assessed through a process called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) with an accredited assessor of the Academy of Reiki. The process involves assessment based on the criteria set in the Nationally Recognised Courses of the Academy of Reiki.

Q. Will the courses cost more now that the Academy of Reiki offers Nationally Recognised Training?

A. No, in fact, as the Academy of Reiki operates under a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and the courses are educational, they are GST exempt. The Academy has maintained the same scale of course fees as set in 1985.

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Originally published , updated October 17, 2018