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Reiki Academy philosophy

Last updated: October 17, 2018

The Academy of Reiki considers the following 3 tenets to be the foundation of their philosophy and practice:

1. The ability to teach Reiki is an essential aspect of being a Reiki Master

Therefore, there is a large element of the Academy's Reiki Mastership training which involves the trainee acquiring the skills to enable them to set up and teach classes (even if they choose not to do so immediately on finishing their Mastership)

Upon graduating from the Academy you will be a Teaching Reiki Master (not just a Reiki Master). During the Traditional Usui/Tibetan Reiki 3A (RAE) course, you learn the Master symbol and its uses, and receive a level 3A attunement with the intent of working on yourself, this will be of great assistance energetically while learning how to teach. Then on completion, when you are made a Master, you are attuned to be a Teaching Master.

The Academy focuses on developing the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm in our trainees that lead to them inspiring others to use Reiki in their everyday lives. We encourage trainees to develop a professional approach to teaching Reiki so that they will teach to the standard set by the Academy in a competent manner

2. Masters training should be achievable by anyone

In keeping with the fact that anyone can become a Reiki channel and therefore may desire to become a Reiki Master, the modules have been designed to cater for the broad spectrum of abilities in an easy-to-learn style.

The Academy has taken a non-academic and non-scientific approach when preparing the training materials. As such, technical information is simplified into layman's language so that it can be understood and better absorbed. However, if you are inclined either academically or scientifically, you are encouraged to extend your knowledge in whatever direction your interest takes you.

3. A Reiki Master is a leader - A good Reiki Master is a good leader

Reiki Masters are leaders; even if they do not recognise or acknowledge this responsibility. Reiki Masters have a certain standing in the community. Most activities are (unfairly) judged by the behaviour of their principal proponents. Reiki is no different. It is incumbent on the Academy and Reiki Masters alike to set a good example for the world to see. By doing this we provide a true service to the community.

A good leader has to 'walk their talk'. If we don't do this, we do a disservice to Reiki, to our students and to ourselves. As such, the Academy stresses the need to live the Reiki principles as formulated by Dr Mikao Usui, the founder of the Usui System of Natural Healing. This means striving to live Reiki in all aspects of our lives.

Unfortunately, all too often, people are being attuned as Reiki Masters without being trained to fulfill the responsibilities of that Mastership. By instilling in trainees the need for integrity, high ethical standards, and to practice what they preach, the Academy aims to provide a place of learning that can be an example of human values at work.

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