Preparation for the Reiki Healing Online

This guide is not completed yet.

After you requested the healing

After you requested the healing, you should go to your email address and open the email you received from us. Will contain a link to a webpage where you can schedule the time when you want to obtain your Reiki Healing by the master.

Note: if there is any overlap or the master is unable to do it, we will notify you and ask to schedule for another time.

What to do during the healing

The master will start the healing around the time you requested. You should be open to receive the Reiki healing to obtain the maximum amount of healing.

Note: Our Reiki Masters receive a piece of paper with your name, date and time. They have no access to your email so they won't be able to send you emails.

What exactly you should do:

  • Go to a quiet room;

After the session

Request 5 distance healing sessions Request 1 distance healing session

Heal body aura at

Originally published , updated October 19, 2018