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What Happens After An Attunement?

What Happens After An Attunement?

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After An Attunement21-Day Clearing Process

After An Attunement

Aside from the above, some people report being extremely hungry during and after a Reiki session or needing more sleep than usual. Getting your physical body going when you first start exercising is because they are not used to higher vibrational energy flowing through them. Each person's Reiki experience is unique shows that each person's Reiki experience is unique.

Most people feel "high" after the course because an attunement is a peak experience for many people, so I recommend that you try to ease back into normal life as gently as possible after a Reiki workshop. In many cases, courses are held over the weekend, so you may have to return to work Monday. To "come down" slowly, allow yourself to sleep longer and then spend the day doing gentle things like walking, reading, meditating, or listening to relaxing music—and giving yourself Reiki.

The norm is 250 cps (cycles per second), but healers range from 400 to 800 cps. Old physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual patterns and thoughts must be cleared for this to happen. The 21-day clearing process, where Reiki cleanses and clears your entire energy body, is one of the major effects of attunement. This is not a permanent effect, so you will need to use Reiki to cleanse your energy system regularly.

21-Day Clearing Process

This usually takes three weeks (hence the title), but it can be done faster or slower. The Reiki that flooded into your physical and energy bodies during the attunement begins to work on clearing specific parts of your auric field associated with the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of self.

It does this by clearing, harmonizing, and balancing one chakra per day for the first week, then repeating until the clearing work is complete. Depending on the amount of clearing and balancing required, it can take anywhere from three to seven weeks.

The clearing progresses from the root or base chakra to the sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, and finally, the crown chakra on day seven. Some aspects of your life associated with each chakra may be highlighted during the clearing process, perhaps through dreams or memories or people returning into your life to trigger certain thoughts and feelings. The following points describe your energy field's four etheric bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual).


Two chakras are connected to your physical energies. The root chakra, linked to survival instincts and feelings of security, can cause issues with money, home, job, and body. The sacral chakra is associated with physical sensations and sexuality, so issues of intimacy, sex, food, appetite, and other sensual pleasures can arise.


The emotional chakras are the solar plexus and the heart. The solar plexus chakra may bring autonomy, life purpose, willpower, and self-esteem. In contrast, the heart chakra may bring up unconditional love, giving and receiving, compassion for others, and self-acceptance.


It is associated with your mental energies. The throat chakra raises issues of communication, self-expression, and worthiness. Concerns with the brow chakra, also known as the third eye, include psychic and spiritual awareness, the ability to respond to intuition or insight, and self-awareness as individual consciousness.


The crown chakra is linked to your spiritual energies, so issues of knowledge and intellect, as well as your capacity to understand on a deeper, more spiritual level, may arise.

Reiki Meditation

For the second and third weeks, the clearing cycle is repeated—root chakra first, sacral chakra second, and so forth. An energetic "spring cleaning" is what I refer to as a gentle cleansing of your entire energy system.

With the removal of impediments from the path, trapped and blocked energy must be released from the body's energy system. As the energy is released, you may feel colder than normal. Personal life experiences and thought patterns, along with emotional baggage, all influence how intense a clearing is and how it feels.

Blockages can cause detachment and a desire to be alone. In some cases, however, blocked energy needs to be released physically, which can cause symptoms like cold, excessive sweating, sickness, or diarrhea. But don't worry, these are natural (if a little painful) detox methods, but don't let it become "self-fulfilling."

For example, resentment towards someone, either consciously or subconsciously, causes more severe physical reactions. These intense emotional feelings must flow into the physical body to be released. The easiest route is through the excretory system, but dehydration may necessitate more extreme measures (like vomiting). Spiritual readiness to release and clear issues deeper is another reason. It will know what is best for you, even if it causes some temporary discomfort. Reiki is divinely guided and works for the highest good.

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Chanting And Toning With Karuna Reiki

The Karuna Reiki experience taught me that toning or chanting during a Karuna Reiki session causes profound shifts in the healing energy's vibrational frequency. The Mahayana Buddhist tradition of the bodhisattva Avalokitesvhara, who creates the Sound that Illuminates the World, validates this notion.

The Ethics Of Distant Reiki Healing

The Second Degree procedures teach you how to transmit powerful healing to anybody, anywhere, at any time, including the past and future. Using the Distant (Connection) Symbol helps you to construct a bridge between you and the person (or animal) you wish to heal.

Guided Meditation To Help Heal The Shadow Self Can Change Your Life

The shadow self refers to the aspects of ourselves that have been repressed into the unconscious — the aspects of ourselves that we are insecure about, ashamed of, or frustrated with. The shadow self-concept is based on the idea that we metaphorically bury those aspects of our personalities that we fear will not be accepted, accepted, or loved by others; thus, we keep them in the shadows.

How To Build A Successful Reiki Practice - FAQs

After you've mastered the techniques necessary to perform Reiki on others in-person and remotely, it is entirely up to you to decide whether Reiki is something you wish to pursue as a more formal public practice.

Integrative And Functional Medicine —Personalized Care For The 21st Century

The goal of integrative and functional medicine is to get to the root cause of health problems and treat the whole person with a combination of approaches—optimizing health for those who have it and restoring health for those who have lost it. Integrative medicine and functional medicine are often used interchangeably, but the terms are actually referring to two different approaches to patient care.

The Karuna Reiki Attunements

A common belief is that compassionate action is captured in this non-traditional form of Reiki. When used in conjunction with Usui Reiki, it has a powerful effect on its own, but even more so.

Karuna Master Symbols and Their Uses

Other healing systems incorporate the Karuna Reiki Master symbols. For instance, The International Center for Reiki Training incorporates the Usui Dai Ko Myo, Tibetan Dai Ko Mio, and Tibetan Fire Serpent into our Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Training.

Kuan Yin - The Goddess Of Mercy

Kuan Yin is an example of an enlightened being. Bodhisattva, or enlightened being, guards the earth. The Chinese deity Kuan Yin is revered as a symbol of compassion and love.

Possible Side Effects Of A Karuna Reiki Attunement

Becoming a Reiki practitioner with the ability to heal oneself and others is a beautiful path that allows you to make a difference in the world. While it is exciting to receive an attunement in order to increase your frequency and connection to the universal life force energy, these attunements come at a cost.

The Traditional Karuna Reiki Attunements

Karuna is typically only taught to Usui Reiki Master practitioners. There are four levels of Karuna instruction. There are four levels of mastery in this system: two for practitioners and two for masters.

Original Karuna Attunements - The Sai Baba Reiki Attunements

For those wishing to view the original Sai Baba attunement process in order to compare it to later attunements, these are included for informational purposes only. You will notice a resemblance between these and the attunements developed later.

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