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The Four Types Of Meditations In Karuna Ki Do

The Four Types Of Meditations In Karuna Ki Do

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The Four Types Of Karuna Ki Do MeditationsThe Bottom Line

There are four types of meditations in Karuna Ki Do Meditations. The meditation for strengthening and developing the Channel is critical in the Karuna Ki System. Additionally, meditations deepen the oneness of loving heart-centered compassion and share it with the entire universe, meditations with symbols, and meditations with toning. The following are specific exercises.

The Four Types Of Karuna Ki Do Meditations

Developing The Channel

The Sha Mudra is used in Karuna Ki Do Meditation 1 to strengthen the healing channel, increase personal chi, and heal oneself. This Sha Mudra meditation helps develop and strengthen the Karuna Ki Channel. This basic Karuna Ki skill cultivates mental clarity, health, and compassion. All Karuna Ki students are taught this and encouraged to practice daily.

Consistent practice helps cultivate compassion for all beings and clears the mind. In Japanese, this Mudra is Sha. Some Tibetan arts and Ninjutsu use it as well. Intuitive Healing, Inner Channel Development, and Strengthening. Those who mastered Sha's Inner connections would gain inner power and be immune to viruses and other afflictions. The index and thumb fingers are extended and interlocked in this Mudra. Sha is a great mudra to use while meditating. You can use the Sha Mudra while doing any Karuna Ki Meditations.

It can also be used to heal. Place the hands in Sha, connect to the Karuna Ki energy, focus on the source's compassion, and let the energy flow into the hands. Then split the palms and heal. Sha heals oneself and others. The meditation below uses this Mudra to increase our health, vitality, and healing strength. The exercise below can helpfully develop Sha. First, do the Sha Mudra. This activity connects the body's pathways. The body's energy pathways are linked by forming the Sha Mudra with the hands. Heal and know. The activity increases inner strength, opens channels, expands the mind, and removes fear.

Inhale and exhale through the nose. To relax, focus only on your breathing. If that's too difficult, count to seven on the inhalation and exhalation. Other thoughts should be ignored and let go. Focus on the body's energy flow and the spirit's flow.

A Fire burns within us, behind the hara, in the Personal Chi area. This meditation strengthens us, reduces stress and anxiety, and increases our ability to channel the compassionate, loving energy of Karuna Ki (or Reiki, etc.).

Focus on or behind the Hara. Some see it as a ball of light, fire, or heat. Visualize the fireball behind the Hara. Activate Karuna Ki or Reiki. This activity focuses on the fire to make it brighter, warmer, and luminous throughout the body.

The loving light energy (Reiki or Karuna Ki) enters through the crown as you breathe in (top of head). See the energy move down behind the Hara area and fill it, growing and brightening the light there. You'll be pumped. Allow the energy to expand outwards and through your body, reaching the top of your head, the tips of your toes, and the tips of your fingers. Observe it spread to all organs.

Hold the Mudra between the sternum and the hara. Inhale through the hands into the hara, and exhale through the hands. Do this for ten minutes. Refocus the mind on the Hara. Allow your consciousness to normalize. Shake your hands three times, then your feet three times.

You can do this activity at any time by using the Mudra, concentrating on breathing, and increasing the light. Regular practice strengthens the body and mind and increases vitality. The hands will be very hot during and after this, just like Karuna Ki or Reiki. Other Kuji-in hand positions work too.

Karuna Ki Compassion Meditation

Karuna Ki Compassion Meditation

This meditation will connect to the Universe's Loving Compassionate Heart. After that, we'll send it out to the universe.

Begin by taking deep inhalations and exhalations through the nose. Visualize and draw the symbols even if you haven't memorized them yet! Feel the peaceful energy of Karuna Ki's compassion flow all around you.

Let's now focus on all of the universe's energy.

Focus on drawing in all the universe's energy, energizing and filling you. Let the universe's peaceful, loving, compassionate energy fill you. Inhale pure loving, compassionate energy and exhale all toxins and negative things. Take your time with this feeling. "We are all one in Christ's love," or "in the love of compassion for all souls to reach enlightenment," says Kuan Yin.

Now focus on breathing in loving compassion—the Karuna Ki Do. When exhaling, send it to every corner of the universe. Do this for a while, then allow yourself to be filled with this energy. Begin at the toes and fill your entire body and energy field with this wonderful feeling loving energy. Let yourself slowly reorient to your surroundings, then go out and be compassionate to all.

Karuna Ki Symbol Meditation

Pick a symbol to use. Draw it or imagine it. Say the symbol's name (either aloud or in your head). Visualize the symbol as golden, bright, and filled with the Source's loving energy.

Allow it to flow into you and manifest any message for you. Focus on the Compassionate Karuna Ki energy flow and Source. Allow the symbol and energy to reveal its meaning. Keep going as long as you like it.

Remember to breathe. Inhale the universe's compassion and love, and exhale it to all living beings. Then feel connected to the Source and watch it fully activate as you experience the Source's oneness.

Finish by drawing all the Karuna Ki Do symbols in front of you. Thank the Source for sharing. This is a good time to work on self-treatments, treating others, distant healing, manifesting goals, and charging your Reiki crystals.

Grounding is vital! This meditation may leave you lightheaded and dizzy if you are not grounded. Find a grounding activity and do it. Place your palms on the earth, walk, visualize roots connecting to the earth's core, drink water, or whatever works for you. You can also draw the power symbol on the feet, hara (just below the navel), and palms. Focus on the hara for a few minutes. In this way, the upper chakras' excess energy is drawn into the hara. Any method of grounding works and prevents dizziness!

The symbol you choose to meditate on depends on the aspect of energy you want to explore more deeply. Each one should take at least a week to complete. There are infinite Karuna Ki Do Symbol Meditations. You can do it only by focusing on the Karuna Ki source.

You can also do light body meditations or Mer-Ka-Ba. You can use your intuition and guides to develop your practices, just as the human creators of the Karuna Systems did!

Toning Meditation

This fourth Karuna Ki Do Meditation practice incorporates the toning and chanting aspects of Karuna Ki healing. Many faiths use chanting to meditate, such as Transcendental Meditation, praying the Rosary, or asking Kuan Yin for help.

To use this Karuna Ki Do technique, decide what symbols or aspects of energy you want to manifest. Then use those mantras in Karuna Ki Do Meditation One or Two. Om-Shanti-Om, Om-Gnosa-Om, and Om-Iava-Om are possible combinations.

Many patterns can be created using the symbol's name and intent as a guide.

The Bottom Line

Have confidence in yourself and your intuition—experiment to determine if these methods work for you. The key is to maintain a consistent practice regimen.

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Chanting And Toning With Karuna Reiki

The Karuna Reiki experience taught me that toning or chanting during a Karuna Reiki session causes profound shifts in the healing energy's vibrational frequency. The Mahayana Buddhist tradition of the bodhisattva Avalokitesvhara, who creates the Sound that Illuminates the World, validates this notion.

The Ethics Of Distant Reiki Healing

The Second Degree procedures teach you how to transmit powerful healing to anybody, anywhere, at any time, including the past and future. Using the Distant (Connection) Symbol helps you to construct a bridge between you and the person (or animal) you wish to heal.

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The Karuna Reiki Attunements

A common belief is that compassionate action is captured in this non-traditional form of Reiki. When used in conjunction with Usui Reiki, it has a powerful effect on its own, but even more so.

Karuna Master Symbols and Their Uses

Other healing systems incorporate the Karuna Reiki Master symbols. For instance, The International Center for Reiki Training incorporates the Usui Dai Ko Myo, Tibetan Dai Ko Mio, and Tibetan Fire Serpent into our Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Training.

Kuan Yin - The Goddess Of Mercy

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The Traditional Karuna Reiki Attunements

Karuna is typically only taught to Usui Reiki Master practitioners. There are four levels of Karuna instruction. There are four levels of mastery in this system: two for practitioners and two for masters.

Original Karuna Attunements - The Sai Baba Reiki Attunements

For those wishing to view the original Sai Baba attunement process in order to compare it to later attunements, these are included for informational purposes only. You will notice a resemblance between these and the attunements developed later.

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