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What you need to know about Reiki level 1

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As a continuation from my introduction, you should have a fairly good idea of what Reiki is and why you should be practicing Reiki . The benefits of Reiki on your spirit, mind and body is so incredible that you also can be a part of the those living this wholistic peaceful life.

No criteria is needed for you in starting Reiki, all you need is to be attuned on the different levels by a Reiki teacher starting from level 1.

This level is also called the physical level, most of the Reiki at this stage has effects on your physical body, your ki channels are opened at this level to enable you practice Reiki on yourself. Also from this level your personal issues will be fixed, even from the attunement. In this level you connect to the Reiki that flows from the cosmos through your head to your heart and hand. Depending on the Reiki teacher, this attunement can be done in 4 different sublevels or as a whole, but irrespective you still will be initiated permanently into using Reiki.

In 20-30mins you will fully go through this relaxing and healing attunement level. Other things included in this level is your learning of the history of Reiki and the hand positions.

Benefits you stand to gain in this level Majorly, level one benefits your physical body, as you will be able to practice self healing on your body. With level one, you can be assured of a constantly healed body anytime you practice.

Other benefits you gain in this level includes:

  • Spiritual development. Since this level initiates you to spiritual energy, with level one you start a journey of spiritual discovery of yourself. Walking in more divine things on your spiritual path.
  • Unlimited access to ki. You can now decide to turn on or off anytime you want to the magnificent ki energy present in and around you.
  • Less stress. With level one Reiki, you can dissolve stress anytime you feel one. Within few minutes of Reiki practice you vanish any daily stress that might have accumulated.
  • Relaxation. During your personal Reiki session, there is this feeling of relaxation you experience that eases you from any tiredness at that moment, so you can do Reiki session during work break to ease yourself.
  • Emotional control. Just the first level attenuation, gives you the ability to take charge of your emotions when is tested. Reiki gives you a positive emotion, and so you are able to relate with others and see the best in them.
  • Mentorship. The Reiki master that initiates you is available to guide you through your spiritual journey. The teacher will give you counsels on what to expect as you progress, and also warn you when you might fail

Who must you be to do this level?

You can be anybody! You can be working any job! You can be living anywhere! As long as you are spiritual and believe in God, you are qualified to take this level

What is the next step for you after this level?

If you have taken Reiki level one, you can agree with me that all of the benefits above are your experience, but there is room for more, room for you to go deeper. Level one provides you a solid foundation for other Reiki heights

The heights of experience you gain by moving on to the next level which is Reiki level 2 includes a deeper experience with the ki which furthers your spiritual development and your self healing practice, as the Reiki symbols will be taught to you. In this level, the knowledge that will help you to give others(whether in person or distant) the Reiki treatment will be taught to you. It is generally advised that you wait a couple of months from your first level attunement before you move into the second.

Get attunement for $9 (USD 9.99) Get the certificate and attunements here Go to learn Reiki Level 2

Originally published , updated October 15, 2018